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Issue Four of our Magazine is Available Now


A high quality magazine originally made as a father's day gift, documenting the allure and emotions of football through original articles, photography, illustrations and interviews.


Issue Three:

Ending the Wait

In Issue Three, we looked to capture the incredible celebrations that follow when the wait for a trophy, a promotion or even a win against a rival is ended.


With articles on Argentina, Francesco Totti, The Championship, Feyenoord and much more, this theme has also taken on another meaning, as we continue the wait for football to fully return. Pick up a copy to enjoy alongside issue four!

CD Cala Dor Escapismo

"Escapismo spoke to me about football in a way I've never seen before."

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Football, to all of us in some way or another, is a form of escape. 

A release. 

A way of taking our minds away from anything that may be going on in our lives and channelling our energy into something positive. 

It will always provide us with a sense of belonging and the feeling of being a part of something bigger. 

What would we possibly do without it.


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