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Escapismo is a football magazine focused on providing captivating and insightful content to an audience that shares a passion for the beautiful game. It concentrates on the allure and romance of football, with articles rich in the emotions that the game can bring to so many people. 

Originally made as a father's day gift, it is a passion that I have decided to share with a wider audience. I have been inspired by the resurgence in print magazines, and hope that Escapismo will be something that its readers will cherish and return to in years to come. 

In the digital age, reading something printed has never been more important, and I cannot explain how much I appreciate all of the support that the magazine has received so far. Football is a truly magnificent game and we aim to present it in an elegant format. Escape from the stresses of everyday life with Escapismo, and enjoy all of the best things about being a football fan.

James Gamlin 

Founder of Escapismo

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